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1.[Notice]Our company have been passed the ISO9001: 2008 [HITS:117 PUBLISH TIME:2009/11/3]
2.[Quality Certificate]ISO9001:2008 [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2009/11/3]
3.[Company View]100T Universaltester [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2009/4/8]
4.[Quality Certificate]Certificate for the systerm of inspection mesurement and test  [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2009/3/30]
5.[Quality Certificate]Good standardizing practice certificate [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2009/3/30]
6.[Industry News]Waste Steel-China Market Price (26 Dec 2008) [HITS:86 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/28]
7.[Industry News]China Market Price of Cold-rolled Steel (26 Dec 2008) [HITS:100 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/28]
8.[Industry News]China Market Price of Hot-rolled Steel (26 Dec 2008) [HITS:103 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/28]
9.[Industry News]China Market Price of Color Coated Sheet (26 Dec 2008) [HITS:63 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/28]
10.[Industry News]China Market Price of Semi-finished steel (26 Dec 2008) [HITS:59 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/28]
11.[Industry News]China Market Price of Galvanized Sheet (26 Dec 2008) [HITS:63 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/28]
12.[Industry News]China Market Price of Steel Wire (26 Dec 2008)  [HITS:101 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/28]
13.[Industry News]China Market Price of semi-finished steel (22 Dec 2008) [HITS:59 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/25]
14.[Industry News]Waste Steel-China Market Price (22 Dec 2008) [HITS:54 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/25]
15.[Company View]Fasteners Package [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/9]
16.[Honors]Taizhou City Famous Brand [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/7]
17.[Company View]Safe Guarding Room  [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/7]
18.[Company View]Fasteners Semi-Manufactured Goods Yard [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/7]
19.[Company View]Sample Room [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/7]
20.[Company View]Company Logo [HITS:0 PUBLISH TIME:2008/12/7]
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